Job Purpose

  • Act as a liaison by representing the Honda Svc Center to customers and the customer’s interest in the Honda Center.
  • Promote Honda standards for superior customer, employee, and Honda Center management.

Hiring Specifications

  • Excellent communication and organization skills.
  • Technically knowledgable, experienced, or trainable on Honda product line.
  • Outgoing and patient personality with good customer relations ability.
  • Professional personal appearance.

Working Relationship

  • Report to the Service Manager and/or Drive Manager and/or Director.
  • Work cooperatively with all departments and personnel.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Generate goodwill by greeting and serving the customer promptly and courteously.
  • Establish an ongoing consulting relationship with customers by being available during normal hours to answer questions, explain additional repairs needed, and make subsequent service appointments. 
  • Upgrade knowledge of Honda products and services by training on-the-job and participating in educational development programs.

Marketing Responsibilities

  • Promote the sales of appropriate services, parts, and accessories by accurately identifying the customer’s service needs and by thoroughly understanding the Honda product and service lines. Solicit customers for service work and advise the Sales Department of prospects.  
  • Achieve Honda Svc Center goals for service by generating:
    • high sales gross profit of services, parts, and accessories 
    • a high number of service/repair orders processed
    • a low number of customer comebacks due to improper repairs or incomplete, improper description of customer complaint
    • a high number of customer retention by loyalty, courtesy, honesty, sincerity, and satisfaction with all clients**
    • respectful and courteous treatment of all co-workers**
    • maintain an above-market benchmark CSI score**

Transaction Responsibilities

  • Promptly meet and greet service clients in a friendly and courteous manner. 
  • Establish a working agreement with the customer by determining and verifying customer’s service needs and recording them along with current vehicle and customer information on the repair order. Verify the location of the customer and phone number so that no work starts without customer approval. 
  • Ensure the repair order is accurate and complete by reviewing all copies, including supporting documentation per Honda policy and procedure checklist.
  • Inspect the vehicle and apply proper tools and resources to accurately identify customer needs, so the number of comebacks related to improper repair orders is less than one percent of repair orders written. Involve Technicians in obtaining needed information from the client when necessary. 
  • Ensure new and used car warranty repairs by approving adjustments within standard warranty periods.
  • Coordinate with the Service Manager, Shop Foreman, or other service personnel and communicate with customers and technicians regarding repair work. Determine the time of completion. Deliver or send a repair order to Dispatcher/Leader and indicate time promised for delivery.
  • Provide accurate estimates for all services or repairs needed.
  • Handle minor customer complaints and/or misunderstandings with courtesy, tact, and in a manner that does not further aggravate problems.
  • Insure requested vehicle repairs and services are performed correctly upon completion by inspecting that repair order and the vehicle has been inspected by the Quality Control Department prior to delivery back to the customer.
  • Advise customer of early or late delivery, or of additional repairs.
  • Ensure delivery of the vehicle to the customer when work is completed and that all paperwork has been reviewed with the client.
  • Ensure the client understands and is totally satisfied with repairs at “Active Delivery”.
  • Answer incoming phone calls promptly, courteously, and make every effort to satisfy the caller’s inquiry.
  • Maintain the customer follow-up system by adhering to Honda guidelines.

Logistical Responsibilities

  • Maintain the appearance and cleanliness of counters, displays, and customer contact areas by following good housekeeping procedures.
  • Meet all requirements of state and federal law dealing with automobile repair and consumer protection.
  • Communication. Speak, read, and write well.
  • Ability to learn. Learn and apply information without excessive resources or time.

Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Dependability. Complete tasks on schedule; accept accountability for work results.
  • Participatory/Interpersonal. Work effectively with employees and customers.
  • Flexibility. Accept change; take on special tasks and new procedures as needed.
  • Review Honda Best Practices, Honda Warranty Policy and Procedure Manual, and Honda Policy and Procedure Manual on a regular basis and perform job duties accordingly.